What is the difference?

Can someone give me examples of what mild, medium, severe symptoms of Sz might look like.
What is the difference??

Uhhhhh… dude sz manifests in so many different ways.

People’s ability to handle symptom A or B also varies.

My symptoms are just a real ■■■■■■■ pain, constantly hearing this telepathic analysis of everything. Really ■■■■■■■ old, but it only slows me down a little bit and there isn’t paranoia.

So I’d say it’s mild.

There are people who really have the fear and their minds are just running wild. They can’t catch their breathe for a second. I’ve been in that state. I’d say that is severe.

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The key for most with schizophrenia is to take the lowest dose of meds possible in order to function and still get rid of the symptoms.

I think even if there was SEVERE case, even low doses can help, or the same amount of meds work similar in everyone.

The difference is in degree of symptom severity and level of occupational/social functioning.
I am not sure what tool is used to make those distinctions.

When my friend is psycotic he shows no fear/paranoid fear. He can sometimes tell the voice to shut up aloud. At times he will laugh by himself. He does think highly of himself though, like grandeur. I sense that he is using an approach of to outsmart hus “bullies”, rather then allow them to bully him. He will be quite cheerfull and sing in the shower etc.

The major problem I would say are his delusions of grandeur and that he thinks he has a chip in his body i believe it is through it that he believe they communicate with him or so. The problem is that he reaaaally believes it to be true.

Now he has been admitted into treatment about a week ago for the first time ever. I just hope he will be well, and I will get my friend back.

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I am upset with my friends doc. I think ge gave him a too high of a dose. And be responded VERY bad towards it. His head was LITERALLY hanging/tilting to the side, tounge swollen, he could not speak properly. Who gives a first time AM user a too high dosage. Thé crazy thing is that be is ZERO violett. ZERO.

Maybe his family should report that doc!!

Thats a tough one because for all of us and you too it depends on when we acknowledge it.

Doesn’t sound to severe.

Good on you for caring. We need more people like that in the world.

He has isolated himself throughout the months, he has said that he is alone in this world. But if approached be will give that person an engaged conversation.
He takes care of himself and dresses quite sharp.

Regarding the voices, when we adress them be will say: I am just playing with them

I really think thé delusions are the worst though, more then the hallucinations.

http://schizophrenia.com/diag.php - Sz . com’s symptom overview…

http://schizophrenia.com/family/faqindex.htm - sz . com’s FAQ’s

The hosting site of this forum has some very great stuff…

Good luck and I hope things get better soon… :v:

I can’t speak for others but I can’t speak for myself. At the moment I bounce between mild & moderate symptoms, only had one severe day back in mid-June.

Severest: punching or striking walls, tourettes-like shouting at the
top of my lungs, extreme pain in the left hemisphere of the brain.

Medium: Moderate pain in the left or whole region of the brain, angry
looking people sitting inside my mind’s peripheral - making gestures
& faces at me.

Mild: Mild pain in the left or whole region of the
brain, mild hallucinations of faces & bodies, sometimes erotic; mild,
non-confrontational voices.

Hi, what do you think all the pain is from, @mistercollie?

Do you have an additional condition?

It’s either phantom pain or there is a literal set of nerves in the brain that are too distressed from having to visually hallucinate 24/7. My left eye is very problematic and I think there is a connection issue between it & the brain that allows all this stress & hallucinogens to occur.

Sorry you’re suffering.

I get bad head pain too. No one knows why.

Thanks for sharing.

My theory is frayed or faulty connections within dendrites, which we can somehow feel. A brain scan revealed “all things normal”, but there is definitely something at the cellular level that is malfunctioning.

I genuinely believe that stem cell neurosurgery could fix my pain problems.

Being sz only a little is still pretty bad. Pdoc’s tend to think that all people with sz need to be on med’s. If you’re not bad enough to need med’s they think you’re not sz.

When I say “on med’s” I mean on anti-psychotics.

Yeah, neuropathology?

I have syncope too, fainting, nausea, dizziness, racing heart, and I think that’s a neurological condition as well.

I hope for you that it’s nothing serious. I would show cautious optimism that you may be right.