What is the difference between the haldol injection and the invega injection?

I’ve taken the invega injection before and it gave me really bad akathesia and weight gain, does the haldol injection do the same?

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U have to try it to know it…


It’s a different drug so pharma should be different. What that difference is is up to you to experience! I’d suggest you’ll soon learn!

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Haloperidol basically ruined my days when I had taken it in hospital. Its an older antipsychotic and Invega is a newer antipsychotic. I like my invega trinza. But you have to be on invega sustenna for 6 months before going on Invega trinza.

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How did it ruin your days?

I tried haldol while in hospital… Did not work so great.

invega sustenna rekt me pretty hard, gained heaps of weight, really stiff muscles, dick stopped working


Haldol and invega are very similar. If you hace extrspiramidal effects, perhaps you need talk with your practicioner about meds change.

Invega is 2nd generation
Halodo is 1st generation and more activity w i use

The invega injection is a lot more expensive. Otherwise the drugs differ with different people.

It would make me miserable mood wise.

It’s like $1500 an injection last time I took it.

Did you get that way on haldol?

Haldol is my favorite AP. I hate the way invega makes me feel and its side effects.

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I got akathesia the first few days after Invega shot.mild though. Propranonol can help. I have not tried haldol as a shot but Harold in pill form gave me akathesia

I’m on haldol 75 mg and it caused me to gain weight. No other side effects though.


Evidence is just evidente.

Invega goes in the buttock. Haldol goes in the arm.

If you are talking about the haldol injection I saw a price of under $400 on goodrx.com. If you are talking invega sustenna I saw a higher price.

I get all my medication for free. Never had to pay more than a dollar for any of my meds

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