What is the difference between Quetiapine 25mg and Quetiapine 50mg XL

Ok, I realise this may sound like a silly question, but I’ve been taking quetiapine 25mg, not daily but just as and when required. Because things have been getting worse I’ve now been prescribed quetiapine 50mg XL to take nightly…

I’m just wondering what the difference is, I haven’t started taking the 50mg nightly yet because when I take a 25mg tablet I basically sleep for 10 hours and wake up feeling like my head is full of mud, and I don’t want to be like that every day… Has anyone got experience of this kind of situation?

(PS I know the dose is very low, but I have a longstanding record of quitting meds because of the side effects so made a ‘compromise’ with psych to take a low dose and see what happens).

(PS again… put this in Meds but maybe better here… Hope that’s ok)

Hey, @Turquoise, since you hadn’t had a response yet, I moved this back to Meds. Hopefully someone can help you out.

The XL is a slow release version. It lasts 24 hours. The normal 25mg tablet acts quicker and has a more intense sedation. The XL is generally more gentle and easier to tolerate.


I take 400mg Quetiapine daily. Recently, I went a few months just taking Quetiapine without the anti-depressant. Quetiapine still helped me but, like you mentioned, sometimes felt mentally stuck in tar or something. Got the anti-depressant refill recently (Sertraline) and it works wonders when combined with the Quetiapine. Feel better, more energy, concentrate better, mentally I can almost feel the neurotransmitter balance restoration process going on.

Don’t know if that helps. I can’t answer the topic question directly as I’ve never been on that low a dose. I don’t know the difference between XL and not XL. I just know I take Seroquel daily for years.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, that’s what I needed to hear. The thought of feeling that sedated all the time was putting me off. It hits me like a ton of bricks! I will probably try them then. Cheers.

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Many years back I was put straight onto on 600mg and was like a zombie,didn’t last long on them. I’m hoping this low dose will have some benefit without that effect. My dr said the quetiapine should help with my low mood and irritability, fingers crossed. I’m glad you’ve found a combination that works for you.


Once they tried me on 600mg. I think the only difference was it made me sleep even more. But usually feel refreshed when I wake up, whether on 400mg or 600mg. Once I take it, very strong sedation or need to lie down and sleep.

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Yeah the 25mg does that to me, within 20 mins I have to lie down or I’ll fall over! I’m hoping since the 50’s are slow release as Jimbob said that I won’t be so sedated, I’ll take them at night though.

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I have 300 mg in the night. Very sedating. I sleep 8 hours on that. Slow release is prop not as sedating. You need to try how you react.