What is the difference between lust and love


I used to be in love with my TV when big brother was on.


Do u think there’s such a thing as falling in love and growing in love instead.
I just get the feeling I’m not a fan of the first option it’s too out of control from personal experience.


I would say appreciate to fall in love and appreciate people falling in love with you. They are 3 or four different words for love in a different language. Something like amos, agape. I am not sure, i never gave it much importance.


I find it too hectic tbh. It’s a shame but wahetever wat can u do. If its hectic mentally n thus emotionally too it’s too much to take on board so just gotta remove myself from it.


I agree with nick in that I loved a girl once and I couldn’t control it. There were tons of other girls interested by me, intrigued by me. But I only wanted her I loved her but it was unrequited so makes me question if it was real. Well I think sometimes she loved that attention and she liked hurting people because that’s how she was. And I seemed like a worthy victim. I was the lucky :four_leaf_clover: one :roll_eyes: and I put myself into bad situations because I had a mental illness and wasn’t smart. But she took advantage of the fact she definitely knew I was mentally ill. At the end of the day I’d like to think she wasn’t a sociopath and just was a young girl who didn’t know anything about mental illness there back in 2010 or whatever.


Maybe it was not real. Maybe it was but she felt something didn’t click. Some people can be ‘fussy’ like that. I know I can.

Why what did she do to you?


Yea don’t worry some people just don’t understand. I’m sure there’s someone out there who gets you for who you are, hopefully.


She gave me lsd, encouraged me to do it more than I wanted to, then when I had a bad trip she just ignored and messed with me, in real life, on cell phone, or on Facebook . Then she laughed at me. Then when I became really psychotic and ■■■■ she would talk to me online and mislead me and ■■■■ with me years later. And I feel like she was smart and knew how everything would effect me. Well she was always messing with me and leading me down bad paths. I can’t blame her for that, rather how she treated me when I became messed up. Maybe she just didn’t know how to react. She laughed at me though when I was really psychotic for the first time in My life. I don’t think she’s a good person. She used me a lot and wanted to manipulate me and I was young. And she tries to hurt. She makes excuses for hurting people saying she was hurt herself by her family but I don’t think it’s an excuse. Once I asked her out she just ignored me the next time I saw her I asked about it she was in shock I said “well you could have just said no…”. But she never said no. Ever. Just wanted to ruin me I felt. But I was ■■■■■■ up and it was a bad situation. But reflecting over it the years neither of us were perfect. Far from it. But I wasn’t malicious. And I made it clear she didn’t have to hurt me if she didn’t want to but she did anyways. Oh well.


She is either evil or she really didn’t know what on earth she was doing

Gosh that is pretty annoying sorry you had to go through that.


Thanks for being understanding. She never even did those drugs. So she had no clue how it would effect me I think which Is what I don’t get the most

I wanted to do them. I don’t blame her for that…but stuff could’ve gone way better. Oh well.


I hate recreational drugs with a passion
At least you are out of that relationship good for you :slight_smile:


Yes I think it was Greek?

  • amos = romantic love
  • philia = love between siblings or parent-child
  • agape = charitable love
  • storge = I forgot :grin:

Anyway you never love two people identically. And lust is selfish but love is not. Love doesn’t need possession but the latter can reinforce it, as can its absence (chaste love).


Love seeks the other person’s best interests. Lust seeks only its own gratification. Lust can be one sided or from both sides but love should be from both sides.

These two are not mutually exclusive and should never be expected to be so. In most cases, both are very important to a permanent relationship. Therefore, you want both.


Probably wildly inaccurate, but I like this one anyway.


I agree. Lust is physical attraction, infatuation is thinking someone is perfect and has no flaws. Love is knowing a person’s flaws, but it doesn’t change your feelings for them. Love is choosing to be there for that person despite your differences and those little (or big!) things that drive you crazy because they are worth it and meaningful to you. You cant control infatuation, it’s like a wildfire that burns like crazy until all the fuel is gone. Love is saying you still want to be with that person even after the fire has burned away, making that decision to be with them.

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