What is the difference between lust and love


It could be some kind of psychology reasons like lonelyness, insecruity, religious beliefs, fears,voices etc…


What could be some psychology reasons?


I have never had sex before, I think once I get that out the way, I would be fine. Sometimes feel like I did when I was 15 with girls and being sexually frustrated.


How old are you

  1. Bad isnt it.


No it’s fine. There’s probably people older than that who haven’t had sex before


Is it wrong if my “type” I’m interested in is constantly changing. Rotating back and forth. I know what I’m into right now. But it changes my main point of interest in “type” of women.

Anyone else.


Yes and all equally unlucky. I have tried talking to girls but never got any interest. Now I am 30 year old sz whos really ugly and does not want to try internet dating because it sounds like a nightmare for me at the moment.


You’re 30? I saw your pic you look pretty young. You have plenty of life ahead of you. Don’t think you’re ugly.


I always get told that.


I get it too lol it sucks but it may just be true for us. It’s a disadvantage that changes to an advantage…around 35 years old maybe.


I never met my grandparents. Did i miss out ?
I can worry myself sick over these things.


I never met my grandparents on my moms, or my uncle on my dads side.

I think all woulda been cool but they tell my my uncle Is my guardian angel. I was told.


I think it’s alright.
I never met either of my grandads.


Its similar to sex. You don’t know if you miss out exchanging saliva (bodyfluids) unless you seek it.




Yea I think kissing is healthy.


If I am in love yea.


Actually it is a feeling that sometimes can’t be controlled. Not speaking from experience but you don’t always get to choose who you fall in love with.


They are people who fall in love with their tv.