What is the difference between lust and love


They are certain exercises you can do. I can’t disclose them on the forum. But you can search on the internet.


usa in ohio. not very populated in my area though.


Is it masturbation?
I hate that…it’s not for everyone.
I’ve done that enough in my life.


yes it is a shame. even i as a guy can sometimes fall into this problem as well.


Could be self esteem issue, there are more important things than body image. Im not like that personally with girls.


self confidence I think so…I think it’s all connected tbh



Are you from the UK?
Me too


Yes, Cornwall 15151


The medication messes with your chemicals in the body. Actually there is not much you can do. Yes again sz sucks.


INdeed psychosis does indeed.


What do you think makes you so sexually active?


50 years ago masturbation was a mental illness and sin.
These days the medications makes some people horny and the pdocs want you to masturbate.


What pdocs have you been talking to? lol


Its the pdocs who can’t talk about sexuality. I understand that when i think about how prude they are.


as for masterbation can cause sexual frustration to intensify for some, but for other it can be a release. i recommend to not masterbate but to try to become less self concious in yourself, and beging to enjoy pleasures about your person instead of self judging and being minorly self abusive about things that actually make you or anyone unquiely attractive without full awareness of it .


in other words. if you quit watching your " flaws" you will see someone checking you out possibly .


My hormones, not having had sex where I orgasm with someone, aripiprazole maybe. I’m not sure. I’m not actually sexually active I just feel sexual energy mainly when I want to focus or sleep I can’t sleep easily with it n so it’s very distracting. What about you


I masturbated so much after I got first put on abilify and when it was my psychosis aftermath. Bloody hell.


You’re right I think masturbation only intensifies the issue for me personally. Thanks!