What is the difference between lust and love


From the top of my head,
lust is strong sexual attraction that just happens, not necessarily any other compatibility

Love is a decision. you feel an emotional connection to someone and see a maybe potential to actually longer term irl partnership.


Love is suffering for the sake of another lust is more of a selfish thing

  1. Intimacy is when:
  • You are comfortable sharing everything without any fear.
  • You show each other appreciation through words and actions.
  • You make a commitment to each other.
  • When your two hearts feel like one!
  • Your brain releases oxytocin, the bonding chemical.

That is sooooo nice
This is from online


I feel like lust is more of a want and love is something we all need on some level.


I dunno I avoid both these days, that way won’t get confused about the two ever. Not worth it to me


What happened to the person that you were texting with though. Were you not going to give that a shot?


Love is natures way in tricking us to reproduce.
Lust is something taxfree to do.


Lust is what comes early on and love is when you have got to know that person.


I’m in lust at the moment but I’m trying to kill it cos it’s not going to lead anywhere.


How to remove unwanted sexual energy?


Unwanted sexual energy is sooo distracting how am I meant to do things where I need to focus. How am I meant to sleep.


Have you got yourself on any dating websites?


yes I did but I’m coming off them today.
I don’t feel attractive enough for a sexual relationship sex grosses me out.
I don’t want to expose my body and myself to someone
so I just need to kill off my sexual energy


sometime sexual energy can be released by meditating


Thanks Sweldon I hope you are right


That is a bit of a shame, not all guys are superficial.


sometimes yes but many times no. it mainly depends on each person.


Yea I don’t think they are necessarily but if I don’t feel good in myself for that then that is bad enough isn’t it?


you need to gain more. self promotional thinking. other word take self esteme classes. sry for any miss spellings


Which country are you from Sweldon?