What is the difference between hearing voices and channeling?

Does anyone know the difference? I don’t know if you are into that culture, but it seems similar. Except of course, hearing voices seems to cause more suffering.

But would it be healthier and lead to a happier outlook if we thought of it that way? What do you think?

The label and the culture that uses the terms.

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That makes sense. So if my voices had messages for people I could be a channeler.

Maybe if you just heard voices and had no other schizophrenic symptoms, then perhaps it would be similar to channeling by a medium. I think mediums also are in control of the experience, they can choose when to channel ‘spirits’ and when not to. I dunno, but in my view there’s a big difference between a schizophrenic hearing voices and a medium supposedly channeling spirits (we only have their word on it.)

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