What is the culture like, if you don't live in America

What is the culture like, if you don’t live in America. :smiley: :smiley:

Lots of good, lots of bad, like everywhere.

…well, for starters, in Nigeria polygamy is the norm for most of the country …

The first thing that strikes me is that is much more relaxing because only police and army are allowed to carry firearms. I think it would stress me out living in a country where everyone carries. (I live in Norway) Civilians are not even allowed to carry sharp objects in public.

Ofcourse if there was a threat of a coup that would be a bad thing. But western Europe is very democratic and the people who live in the countries are bonded together. There is very little corruption compared to other parts of the world.

In England theres a huge class system that really engulfs the nation. I’m having a hard time breaking it down into simple English but basically there are distinct cultural difference between people who are born in to vast amounts of wealth, people who do predominantly manual labour/physical jobs, and people who have more of an education. (Normally called upper class, working class and middle class.)

For example where I live the accent changes quite a lot depending on what class you are from even though its geographically the same place. Its quite hard to define what they are more specifically as it can vary from person to person but its something that is just a fact of life like someones age sex or race etc.

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The layers of class are merely a mechanism to give people a false kind of hope that they can level up one day if they work hard enough.

That old rhetoric

alot of religious ppl right here in egypt
they accept other religions
may look at ppl with no religions as weird ppl
like any eastern society there is no enough democracy as usual :joy::joy::joy:

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