What is the biggest symptom of Depression?

To me it’s stiff emotions and lack of tears when you feel emotional…

What about you guys ?


Not being able to enjoy life

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Thoughts getting stuck in your head

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I heard once that the core of depression is anger…what are you angry about?

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giving up.

but ive given up because of my anxiety disorder as well. the tears thing huh. i barely shrd tears when i cry now. the two times a year when i do.

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I was :pensive: depressed once and lost my appetite.

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Lack of joy, lack of cognition, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, lack of everything. (Sorry, bad mood this evening)

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absolute hopelessness


I think it’s not about anger… it’s got more to do with not being able to have fluid emotions…

Do you have depression?

I think anger can cure depression so the opposite is true.

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Apathy. Not caring about much of anything.

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Irratiability <>

no not anger.

well as fir depression im not diagnosed with it anymore just sza and anxiety. ptsd too? not sure but ive seen it.

did before sza duagnosis have a dx of major depressive disorder. wish i was still treated for it. i got slammed with a commitment and all they saw in me was anxiety and schizophrenia.sza yo be accurate. dont know what happened to drpressive dx. i slept through half my life.

yikes im getting older and im not ok with that. still feel 30 psychologically. i literally just dozed my life away. hid ftom reality as it was too much.

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I think for me it’s avolition

Oh, I really don’t want to admit, but I would say being suicidal. I had a spell of this in maybe 2019? You just have to get on antidepressants.


My biggest symptom of depression by far is suicidal ideation.

Anhedonia, Avolition just feeling ■■■■■■■ dead
For me this also could be a side effect of my psych meds.

This is what made me call my doctor and ask for ADs. I couldn´t live in the state I was.

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