What is the biggest mistake of your life

I would say that one of the biggest mistakes in my life was to have a relationship with an American woman after I had moved from Michigan to Atlanta in 1990. In Michigan I had 3.65 average, but I was naive and had no real understanding of women. When that woman told in 1990 that she had a boyfriend who worked for the U.S. government I should have dumped her immediately. It is a common trick to use women to infiltrate to international businesses. Hopefully other people do not make similar mistakes.

I did my best to convince myself and my pdoc that I was ok during my pregnancy and needed no meds. She fell for it, even though I had one short psychotic attack I decided not to tell her about it, the thought of being open with my pdoc during pregnancy never occured to me. I had to make an emergency c-section because of not having been medicated for more than an year (pre and during pregnancy). I thought it was the only way I could I have a healthy kid, but it almost jeopardised his life, also it made me miss his first few weeks becuase of hospitalisation and I was sedated his first two or three months , could not attent to his needs correctly, good thing my “adoptive” family was around me.

So yeah, refusing meds and not being honest to my pdoc were the biggest mistakes I ever made. Had I taken my meds regularly since I was 19 , I might have had fewer symptoms right now too. Who knows.

Geez all the women I’ve dated have been American women and I’d have to say that I found them all very different each coming from a different background or region or even culture and that none of them got the federal government involved in my life…

Some of the stuff I thought was a huge mistake turned out to be Ok.

I needed to go through what I went through to be where I am today.

So far I’d say my attempt to leave this life was my biggest mistake to date.

I’m fear I may be making more of them as life goes on.

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