What is the biggest life lesson you received

Look after my body. It’s where I live in for life.

Unfortunately it’s easier said than done.

Don’t take people for granted they have feelings just like me

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You can pray to God but he won’t help because he doesn’t exist.

When life gets hard, prepare it to become harder.

Women are as shallow as men. They just have different views.

Take care of yourself. It means taking care of necessities. Clean your apartment. Shower. Work out.

Cook your own food. If you don’t know how, then learn.

Self- respect is important.

Do the right thing.

Have goals. Stay in school and have good work ethic.

Cherish your family. Life is short, we grow old, become weak and lose people because they die. Don’t be an A- hole towards those who love you.

Sex is not important. We live in a over- sexualized society. That doesn’t mean discard sex. It’s just not as important as we are told it to be.

Finding a good partner means you make a good team.

Friends are not important. They will find someone, marry and have children and ultimately forget you.

Don’t rely on others to fix your problems.

Live! Try to have fun.

Don’t dwell on the past.

Listen to your own voice. Other people’s opinions about you is not important. Just don’t be a fool.

I can keep going but that’s it for now.


This is the life lesson you got?


Yes! Why? 151515


Lol. 15charcters

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Try not to lie, it’s a lot to remember

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Nothing I thought you give instructions for life, but yeah nice I have little different perspective, I believe in god , and try to love life, sometimes it seems hard , to be creative and appreciate beauty of it, and I enjoy sex, sex is important in my life . Without sex there would be no humans. Other areas I agree . No disrespect to your thoughts

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I guess I’m a cynic. Haha!

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