What is the biggest life lesson you received

Spiritual teachings teach, that after you get disaster in life you ego is sculpted…

I think life wanted me to teach me to take life more respectfully,

To see life beauty

Not just live by my egoic mind….

But as I healed recovered I still get back into that ego mind….

I think life is mystery, life lesson I got that I need to be more compassionate, kind to people and planet

I’m not always like that

Just try and be kind


Sometimes I just desire things that’s not the best things that I need

What life lesson did you get?

Try as much as it’s possible,
Learn new things everyday,
Be a good and kind person.
Another one is about lying. We all should try to lie less. Or not lie at all
And overall… try to make world a better place :star:

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So far I guess that if it’s meant to be it will be and everything we need is in front of us

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To not let someone else tell you what your limits are. Find out for yourself.


The obvious-I learned that life is unpredictable and can change forever in an instant.

Also learned that having schizophrenia isn’t the end of the world, you can still have a life afterwards and accomplish things.


Life is unpredictable


Very good ones…
For biggest part of my life I was thinking that life is very predictable, that everything will be the same.
But then I got psychotic, life became… almost the opposite


To not take things for granted such as a.roof over my head and food on the table or home comforts etc


To be happy with what i have

That it’s better for me to live alone

share nuts with the squirrel

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I was and am still abused constantly someway or the other by certain people who hated me even when I was a child…

For me the world is totally different seeing from the eyes of victim… I am yet to experience life and I do not know what morality and humanity is…

Wondering why life has been so cruel to me and I do not know if lessons will help but kindness might…

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There are two rules in life
which you may never bend
never whittle towards yourself
or pee against the wind


I think the biggest is that everything is impermanent nothing stays the same. So live life for today.


Work on you and love you.

In the end it’s really all you’ve got.

People are disappointing (even the ones you love) and situations are always changing.

You absolutely have to rely on yourself and improvements everyday towards a better life.

All that other stuff matters,

But being comfortable, maybe even happy in your own skin is paramount.

If you don’t have that foundation.

Everything crumbles.


My biggest life lesson is this :

The more help you need, the less you get and the less help you need the more you get.


actually this is the thing I also noticed.
When we need a help, people are not giving their hands.

And when help is not needed… everything goes smoothly


My life lessons were to live the Gold rule and also to remember that it is all what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself you are a failure, you’re going to be one.

I learned to avoid anything “spirit” related :sweat_smile: