What is the best way......?

Have to ask all of you…
C. is very delusional and resistant to any ideas right now…he is even a little punchy. Very paranoid.
What is the best way to talk him into going to the hospital with me?
I posted this problem on the family section also…

Make the paranoia work for you like if it involves neighbors say at least he’ll be away from them for a little while.


I would say let’s go get some food or maybe see a movie. and then just show up at the hospital and explain when you get there that it is the only way you can help him? Dishonest maybe but it’s probably the only way you will get him in the car.


Usually best to talk on an emotional level rather than an intellectual level. Just knowing someone cares about me has moved me to proactive many a times. Definitely avoid negative emotions, Anger, passive aggregation the likes though. Humour does have it place also but use it very lightly.

On a side note. I’m not sure if it site mentions it or not. But CPR (or first aid) courses for mental illness are becoming more open to the general public. These where originally only open to mental health professionals social workers, psychiatric nurses etc and part of the training… Might be something to look into in the future if you haven’t already.

Best of luck.


Sad to say… my family never talked me in to calmly walking into a hospital.

It’s not that they didn’t try… I do remember my Mom trying to reason with me… (back then it didn’t seem reasonable at all) I remember some of the calm discussions… But I would never go.

I was usually taken in by police or the County Crisis team. Or I’ve been so badly hurt… sick… bleeding… passed out… that I woke up in hospital.

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Call the police. That’s how my mom always got me into the hospital. A little harsh, i know.

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@SurprisedJ…yeah, thats never worked with him either, although I may try to get his dad to go with me and talk to him-he might change his mind after the talk. @Kella..hope it doesnt come down to that…
Thanks you guys**** **

@bridgecomet When I was so sick, I did not voluntarily go to the Hospital - I was too delusional and paranoid.
My parents called the police, some were helpful a couple of them were not so helpful.
If you do go to the police make sure they are trained CIT officers, if not I would go to the police station yourself and talk to the seargent or person in charge and explain everything to them about your son, tell them that he is not armed that he suffers from a severe mental illness and he needs to be transported to the Hospital - make sure they understand the situation thoroughly. Not all experiences with the police end up badly - they really did help me get to the Hospital safely.
I wish you all the best with this - make sure his pdoc is aware of this – planning ahead makes all the difference in the world