What is the best way to get a date

flowers a phone number or a quick pick up lines

The terrain is constantly changing. It used to be thay gals wanted to hear, “I love you.” Then, that got worn, and they wanted to hear, “I trust you.”

I still think the best plan is to wash up and put on clean clothes. Fifty million bucks doesn’t hurt either.

But I hear you you want someone special in your life.


I never had the confidence to use a pick-up line. But here’s my pick-up line if I ever use one. “Hey Baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven”? Lol.
On my occasional dates in the past I had just asked if they would go out with me. One girl who I thought was very cute, declined but later came up top me and told me how brave I was to ask her.

i am not a fan of pick up lines, some of them are entertaining some are insulting

just ask a person if they’d like to meet up for something casual


I use online dating sites. I found a guy who likes me and I like him. He knows about my condition and is understanding. I hope it works out with him. But I have gotten dates easily, it’s getting them to continue to talk to you and date you that is the hard part! I have dated lots of people just once or a few times and either I didnt like them or they didnt like me.

Funny story, I dated a lesbian three times on accident. She told me she identifies with boys while wearing a really cute outfit on a nice day at the zoo with me. I am now just friends with her, lol. She was from my graduating class in high school and is rather different. She is female but prefers to be referred to as female. She doesn’t look like she does. Idk, I suspect she might have schizotypal personality disorder after hanging out with her and taking abnormal psychology in school. She is very attractive and girly, but she doesnt date men. I dont even know, I think she might not be sure either. But she is a cool person.

I’ve taken off my shirt at the LBGT club and gotten people to dance with me and exchange numbers then go on a date with them. But I have a pretty rocking body, I am really into lifting weights. Im also 21 years old and have a military hairstyle and get clean shaven before going out.

I have had friends with benefits before just by going on one date with them and then them deciding that they wanted to have a purely sexual relationship. It’s not bad. It just gets old and I have emotional needs, meaningless sex does nothing for me.

The best way to get a date is to go somewhere where people are also looking for a date- online, at bars, clubs, those sorts of places. I have gotten dates with people from school and also a friend with benefits from school. Being attractive and in college is a good start. I have an easier time getting dates, just a really frustrating time keeping them, due to the whole “So I think you should know that I have schizophrenia” thing.

Never been on a date…:confused: sad I know. but that’s my life…I’d like flowers myself, and a little flirtation. Doesn’t have to be cheesy pickup lines but some sort of flirting. Nothing too serious until we get to know each other. Keep it simple and sincere without being overbearing and desperate. Keep to your real self to, don’t want to get into something if I find out down the road that he was just fronting’ to get in the door.

I don’t tell people right away that I have Schizophrenia. I consider it to be personal medical information. I like to give them a chance to get to know me. I don’t think it’s unfair to them, but it might end up hurting me if I get too attached. It’s a Catch 22.

I sometimes wait until the second date.

When I’ve started dating people they would just simply ask me out. My current boyfriend and I met through a mutual friend. We went on a double date. Our friends ended up leaving while the two of us stayed and talked. He ended up asking for my number and we arranged a second date. Almost four months later we’re in love and planning a getaway to celebrate our four month anniversary. We’re going to go out to dinner and go to the casino. Spend the night in a hotel and spend a lazy morning in bed. He said to bring a couple days of medicine because if we hit at the casino we’ll spend a couple days there. I’m really looking forward to it. So if you’re interested in someone just ask if they want to go out. Good luck! :sunny:

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@SunGirl, I’m glad you were able to meet a nice guy and develop a relationship slowly. Meeting through friends has been good luck for me as well.

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Thanks kidsister! I think it’s great to meet through friends. That way you can learn about each other before you meet, and plus your friend knows you both and can determine if your personalities would match. My friend prides herself that it worked out so well with Jay and I. It’s funny my friend and I used to date that’s how we met. She missed her wife too much and so it didn’t work out with us. I almost didn’t reconnect with her because she used to be involved with drugs. I’m glad I did though because that’s how I met Jay. You would appreciate this. I read my tarot cards a few months before we met and asked if I would have a relationship in the future. The cards told me I would meet someone through my friend. I don’t place all of my faith in the cards but they provide guidance. :sunny:

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Ask someone out on a date

I have always liked a good sense of humor and a man that can think on his own.

I think that’s a good time for it. I told my therapist that I’d wait until after we kissed for a fair exchange of pheromones. I haven’t gotten to that point yet since my diagnosis.

Most of my pick-up lines are me trying to be humorous.

The one I love to use, that never works…

Me: excuse me, but do you have a dictionary?

Them: No, why?"

Me: (flex my skinny little chicken arm) I guess you don’t need one with this definition. :laughing:

My other favorite one that never works on the librarian that I had a bit of crush on…

Me: I’m sorry, I forgot my library card, but can I still check you out? :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the above…

Pray to God…
She (or he) will appear in your path some way, some how…
Sync… you will spot this phenomenon.
talk like natural, not awkward.
Develop friendship & relationship.
meet, kiss…
Move in together.

Pick up lines are usually a turn off to most girls I’ve talked to unless the guy is really cute AND the girl is also looking. Flowers come later, phone numbers come later…the unseen connection comes first…
I met my wife of 11 years and the girl I’m with now on forums, (NOT dating sites) and this happened right after praying to meet someone, and everything clicked together like clockwork.

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