What is the best time to go out?

Am a morning person and go to the gym around 7am. Want to go out with my mom for a swim but dont know what is a good time. Have panic attacks as early as 11am and as late as 5pm. Wish i didn’t need to work around my panic attacks or try to prevent them.

When I went to the gym the only time I could go was overnight since there wasn’t a lot of people there.

What time at night?

Early in the morning. Less people and less caffeine in system.

12 am or 1 am…

Part of recovery is finding what symptom is preventing you to behave in a way you prefer for example I went to gym fought through symptoms and didn’t find myself needed to dodge the crowd so to speak but lunch time while everyone is eating is a good hour to get to gym. Good luck with those panic attacks are they seasonal?

When most people are at work or sleeping.