What is the best Free protection to download for your Computer?

I got free AVG but it expired.

Any ideas? What do you use?

You have the AVG free version, is good. Doesn’t have all the things but it can work pretty well.
Also, avast is good.

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Thanks Minnii, I’ll try Avast. I’m not very computer savvy.

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I also use Avast Free Version it’s pretty neat.

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Microsoft Security Essentials is a candidate.


Both Panda and Avast are very good.

MS Security Essentials (renamed to Windows Defender as part of WIndows 10) is mediocre, but better than nothing. It has the advantage of being well integrated into Windows and not being intrusive.


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I find a cheap used Mac or a Mac mini as my preference

Not trying to snoot. I just can’t get a pc. But I also hobby with multimedia stufg

We need to chat. This is my basement:

I don’t own any Macs because I’m expert enough with Windows and Linux to get them to do what I need. I like Mac, but can’t justify the extra cost when there’s no benefit beyond the pretty GUI.



The high end pc equipment costs quite a bit too. For myself I like the minis

You’d be amazed at how many of the systems I used were picked out of the recycle pile. I grab new arrivals, pull out the good parts, and sort them into containers. When I have enough parts I built a new tower or repair a laptop. Have a two-year-old Acer that works great for my livecasting system – just had to replace the inverter in the display. Several of the monitors I use work fine aside from maybe having a line thru them because of age. They’re good enough for my needs as the price was right.


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Using free antivirus software is like cleaning the bathroom of a hospital with a dry cloth. It just never gets clean enough.

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I don’t know, I’ve used various protection software and most ran out after a free trial. Only virus I’ve got in ages was while on the phone with a collection agency, guy said okay I just sent you an email why don’t you open it? I do and next thing I know my laptop goes blue screen and is screaming bloody murder in some digital language.

People just do whatever the hell they want, want to be a collection agency that sends people computer viruses, hey sure, fine. Want to be a psychiatrist with ties to the underworld who has a contract with the local police to have anyone they want picked up and taken directly to their office. Sure. No one’s gonna believe you anyway.

Not trying to pick a fight here, but stuff like this is why you really REALLY need to reconsider your position on meds. Speaking as a former I.T. guy, I’m 99.9999% certain collection agencies aren’t virusing your computer in the manner you described. The psychiatrist thing also sounds pretty unlikely.


My position on meds pixel?

Which is what?

I thought you were off meds at present? My sincerest apologies if I am mistaken and you are on meds, but not getting the full benefit.


On meds and rather stable sir.

Last I checked collection agencies weren’t exactly on the A list of ethical do good organizations…and like I said who would believe it. Careful on those assumptions.

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No, they’re not, but this doesn’t register anywhere on the list of current scams I follow.

Indeed. Sorry to hear you are being plagued by these thoughts. They would definitely be unpleasant.


I encrypt files that have sensitive info on my PC but once in awhile I will run Microsoft Safety Scanner:

Also…backup to optical discs like DVD+R’s…best protection again ransomware.

I like CDBurnerXP which is free and has a spanning disc option so you can create large backup sets if you have the patience.

I also use Crashplan and Dropbox.

I am not particularly fond of Windows but don’t want to bother with moving everything over to Mac or Linux yet… I am curious to see what Chrome/Android for PCs is going to be like so maybe I will switch then.

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be sure to steer clear of trojans :wink: norton may be able to help. :slight_smile: