What is th e art of listening

my therapist tells me i need to be a better listener…what is the art tp listening

how do you do it

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Listen to what is being said and reply accordingly. It is a skill and it is something that can be learned and improved.

Much of the english language is redundant. You don’t need a lot of it to show meaning but it is very important for social things. For example. How are you? can mean a lot of different things other than how you are feeling. It could mean how your looking or any number of things. By listening your putting these into context for a conversation. Context is very important and thus listening.


I think listening isn’t so much about thinking about what you’ll say next, but about fully hearing what the other person is saying and then responding to the content of their words as well as the emotion.

Not being distracted about your next comment in a conversation is important.


I think one of the keys of conversations is keeping it 50/50 with a little give and take obviously.

If you get pushed out of the conversation or don’t contribute enough I think that can make us lose interest and stop listening. But at the same time we should be quiet while the other person is speaking, resisting the temptation to but in.

It can be difficult to contribute when we have social anxiety or lack of motivation. Maybe that can sometimes cause us to be quieter.

The easiest way its been explained to me is.

Listen (hear the other person) with the intent of understanding, not the intent to reply.


I believe listening is the art of understanding what is said and the ability to respond back with something knowledgable.

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