What is stress and loneliness?

Can somebody describe each experience for me? I want to know if I’ve ever been them.

I’m positive I’ve never been lonely. I think I’ve been stressed before.

Well…maybe you forgot after they medicated you. It’s very commonlife.

Being lonely is longing to be with other people or have people around you, and you might feel depressed because of this.

Being stressed is simply the opposite of relaxing. If you feel like you are unable to relax for whatever reason or sleep well then you are stressed. For example It might be you have people around you that are challenging you or that put you out of your comfort zone or you might feel stressed if you forgot to do something important…

I feel like I’d be more lonely around a lot of people.

As far as being stressed I think that happened prior and during hw.

Loneliness is to be isolated or remote from people or situations and stress is about worries or concerns that build up.

Yea I’ve definitely never been lonely. I can barely grasp the concept. It makes no sense. Why would you be lonely I’m the absence of people? That sounds like a good time to me.

You’ve never been stressed or lonely?


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I don’t know if you’re kidding or not @Enlightenedbeing.

How can you be lonely

with our ansestors behind us

Stressed maybe. Lonely no. I’m pretty weird.

I think its pretty common to be lonely in big cities surrounded by people because you have no connection to them.

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Lonely I’m not sure about either. I definitely feel bored and stressed a lot. I think loneliness is incurable if I have it because other people satisfy nothing.

i will be ultimately lonely all my life, i actually know it lol.

but i have come to accept that

but i do think that i will be non lonely to an acceptable degree.


i think loneliness is missing out on being around people who get you and enjoy your company and you theirs,and longing for that company

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Stress is when demand on you is so high that it detrimentally affects your capability to function. Me thinks…,

That’s bad stress.

Then there’s motivational stress which is heck good

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