What is schizophrenia?

How would you classify it if someone asked.

I would just say I’m paranoid and that’s what it is

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This illness is Complicated … In one line i cannot describe it … its very difficult …!!! If some one ask me what do u have i answer them i have mental illness and i am psyco… haha

@anon20318121 are u still working…!!!


Interesting question… there are 5 common areas of Schizophrenia. Primarily, hallucinations and delusions.

However, a post was shut down yesterday after having turned “controversial” after a user indicated that myself and another user should not be using this forum as we are not on medication or delusional… :thinking:

It would be interesting to see how others would characterise Schizophrenia.


To other people I would describe it as becoming detached from reality and the Self at different times in my life.

i would say its a complex and misunderstood illness, and if they want to know more i would go into to detail explaining the symptoms as well as my experience with psychotic illness

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I would say it is a disease like any other. It is a physical disease. Larger lateral sinuses in the brain are evident in the mri of many with Sz. but mri is not a reliable enough test.

We, many of us also have saccaids. It is a type of jumpy, non-smooth eye movement that maybe observed by a second person on close observation.(though this is also not reliable enough for diagnosis either)

The symptoms are caused by electrochemical problems, like a short, between groups of brain cells responsable for certain abilities, such as Borches(sp?) speech area #46.

There are also other areas of the brain that should work together AND work together in a very particular way.

Many of these areas are for speech or for hearing or responsible for turning our silent thoughts to organized words or for turning other peoples speech into something that is comprehendable to one’s self.

These connections between the areas and cells degrade for various reasons such as non use, disease, altering of pathways via addictions of alcohol/recreational drugs, infection, stroke, and tramatic brain injury.

It should also be noted the deterioration has been witnessed on certain types of special MRI, cat scan or other brain imaging technology used for dianosing other diseases.
The damage is usually around the area where the perietal section meets the temporal section of the brain. The damage can be wider spread for some people.

The medicines we take help to strengthen these connections while healing. (so does learning)

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definition #1-: In reality no one really knows. It’s usually associated with psychosis that is prolonged but some people diagnosed with it don’t have psychosis.
definition #2- someone who drinks water.
definition #3- someone who juggles squirrels while sipping on gin…


Getting intouch with the reality of outer the planet and being overwhelmed because of that.

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Yes I am working hopefully I can make something better of myself this year

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Walla u said u want to do something…??? U already did …u work full time thats a great achievment…

Thanks man but I really want more hope I can get it.

How’s you doing today

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Schizophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how a person thinks, feels and acts.

I think if you go into more detail the definition becomes convoluted.

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Nothing much… i cant work … today i cooked meal thats a one productive stuff i did today… i think u can do a lot…!!! Best of luck african hero…!!

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I’m one of the “omg you need to take meds” kind of people, but I don’t do it to be mean or because I’m trying to push my personal convictions on people.
I’m doing it because I’ve seen first-hand how damaging it can be not to take meds when you need them.
I’ve met a lot of mentally ill people who say they don’t need meds or therapy, when it’s clear to anyone but themselves that they do. I want people to realise that they do need help, before it’s too late to do any real work on their problems. I want people to avoid braindamaging psychosis and ruined relationships because they clung to the “I’m doing fine on my own” belief.

I do realise there are people who ARE doing just fine on their own, but the majority of people who say they do, aren’t.
And the majority of people who say they don’t take meds because they don’t need them, really really do.

When you get used to the reason people aren’t taking meds being that they’re some sort of delusional, you start thinking everyone who refuses meds are. It’s not because we’re bad people. It’s because that’s the most likely cause.


But to answer the topic, I usually explain schizophrenia as being a brain-disorder that effects the perception of reality, and makes me hear and feel and think things that aren’t real.
I give a short summary of my negative symptoms as well, and I make sure people understand that it’s different for anyone, that I’m stable and medicated, and that I’m not dangerous in any way.

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I just say a bunch of bs thats what it is


I’d say I see things that others don’t and hear things that others don’t and I’m scared of a lot of things that seem off.

The sum total of what’s wrong with the world and the people in it.

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