What is schizophrenia to me?

my therapist asked me to write a couple of sentences about this topic and i am very bad at writing anyone got any ideas on what i should put on the paper. thanks

Just write about how it affects you and your life. How are you affected?


Schizophrenia is when a person falls apart. It’s also loosing your identify. If before schizophrenia one was a bright minded person…then after it one is not anymore. It’s really a death of a person…not physical but mental.



  1. How it affects your thoughts
  2. How it affects your body
  3. How it affects your relationships
  4. How t affects your lifestyle
  5. How it affects your motivation
  6. How it affects your goals
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thank you these will help

A long drawn out loss of a person. I’ve spent a lot of years learning - a lot on this site - a personality to be. . But have never become or returned to being a person.


"What is schizophrenia to me?"

It is fairly simple… Nightmarish thing that don’t exists haunt me thru out the day and night.
Then trying to explain this to some one as well makes it difficult…extremely difficult.

A waking Nightmare! :bat:

Spending my life in mental agony and fast deterioration of my mind.

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