What is schizophrenia like? Not a deep comparison

I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980. It’s like having a nagging headache all day, every day, for 34 years.


I think of schizophrenics as “black cats” in society…unwanted and full of stigma…as far as what it’s like…hmm…every morning and night taking pills for something that doesn’t happen when you take the pills…a pain in the neck is what it’s like…?

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I have a black cat. I love my cat. Medication sure helps with the symptoms, but dealing with all the side effects for the rest of my life is another story. Off medication I go coo coo for cocoa puffs.


I realized that I did have SZ two years ago and then slowly I accepted this illness. I felt lucky to have a good family but I wasn’t happy about me being not able to hold down a job due to the side effects of meds. Now I am trying hard to be self-employed.


I saw a movie or cartoon once where one of the characters was evil and everywhere he walked the plants withered and died as he passed. That’s how I feel. That’s what schizophrenia is like to me.


When I was in my negative swing, it was like being kafka’s cockroach, encased in wax.

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Having sz for me is like having an alien in my brain that cannot get out

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For me it is like being stranded in the middle of the ocean (SZA) in a small rubber raft (meds)
Somedays the ocean is smooth and somewhat tranquil other times the waves are rough and try to bring me down

I’m sane. Everyone else is crazy.