What is relapse?

I know what relapse is in addiction treatment, but I thought it might be helpful to start a thread on the topic. What is relapse? In my case, maybe it means that I give credence to or otherwise believe that my delusional thoughts are reality. What is relapse for you?

the same, I might add going back to a self destructive path.

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What is ‘recovery’?I’ve been in this state of mind for years and I’ve gone through stages over and over again, I’ve since stopped trying to be '“better” I just don’t try to be “better” I accept the hand that God delt me and I work with it.

Im done with trying and failing,failure SUCKS ,for me the failing did more damage than the actual problem.-

I apologize im speaking as a alcohic that just accepts it.

For me relapse can be going on an emotional binge, like not sleeping for a week and not being sleepy and being very euphoric and saying things that scare people.

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having a rough day with voices… having some sneaky brained thinking come in… feeling some panic around the edges… starting to see other worldly things more solidly then before… those are just glitches…

as long as I take care of myself and try and get back to level… I don’t call that a relapse.

Loosing my insight… getting worse and worse, more and out of touch… getting unreasonable with my paranoid thinking, getting grandiose with my manic beliefs… for me that would be relapse.

When I need a lot of help getting back on solid ground.

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Relapse is when you cannot control what is happening anymore and you need help.

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That’s pretty much true for me. When I have no control over my symptoms that is a relapse for me.

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