What is reality?

hey guys im having trouble telling the difference to what is real and what is the sz. i was diagnosis psz and i feel watched and hate to go out (tho i do go out) i feel follow and as you can imagine some very strong feelings and fears. how can i tell if they are irrasional and just my brain playing up or am i really being followed? i feel poisoned and my finger prints taken ( a major fear of mine is my finger prints being used) whats real and whats not. please help

I know it’s scary to have that feeling of always being watched, and followed. I know you probably sit calmly somewhere and tell yourself that no one has any reason to follow you or watch you.

But you get out there and that sinking feeling starts to happen with the mind racing and the brain starts getting scared.

Have you talked to your doc about getting on some anti-anxiety medication? When I ended up on Xanax, my anxiety dropped and my panic dropped and then even if I did sort of feel followed, it didn’t bother me as much and I could still go out and breathe and feel Ok. After a while the feeling of being followed began to go away.

Once in a while I still feel followed, but I’m able to breathe through it, shrug it off better and get on with my day.

I understand how you feel, I have psz too.