What is reality?

Thoughts? I don’t know.

I think majority decides what is real.
There is a saying,
When a country runs, I will run, by being in the middle.

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I think for us with sza that the reality is to recognize it and take the right medications and find a job and make an acceptable living.


Good question. actually, no one knows except maybe a few physicists. but I think that they will not agree with me.
what is the reality. I had dedicated a lot of time to this question. my conclusions or, ideas ware strange, so to speak. at the end I found it more like to be a possibility than a final and solid truth.
if you in this stage of checking and question the fabric of reality, you may enjoy some physics films. maybe philosophical.
but please remember, that in the end, no matter if we exist or not, you will still be here. no matter what findings you will discover.
we are here in this odd reality till the end.

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way are you so depressing?

No, I am not depressed. I think what my previous post in this thread is the lowest standard for us.

Experience. :slight_smile:


everything is O.K.

reality is different for everybody i think… we all live in our own realities and they get mixed up by people exchanging what they feel… so it’s like reality is a thing that grow and shrinks at times.


Reality. Consciousness. Subconsciousness. Hearts. Tissue. Emotions. Physical Feelings.

All Of Our Senses. Adding. Subtracting. The Endless Curves And Shapes And Forms.

To Be Felt Or Seen. Deeply, Or Seemingly.

As The Colours Of Our Eyes, Circle A Singular Bond Around Our Pupils.

Where It’s A Solid Void. No Real Depth From The Out, Looking In.

But!, Much Depth From The In, Looking Out.

As It’s Layers Are Witnessed By One Sense In Sight. Where Even Those Without What The Majority Have, A Depth In The Void Of No Sight. Unable To Be Explained To Those With.

What Is Real?.

Life Is Real. Death Is Real. And All of The Moments Before And Or After.

Where Jus Like Being Awake And Going To Sleep. To Wake Up Again. Is Jus As Real As Our Pupils.

What Is Reality?.

Whatever Is Real. . . . . . .

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