What is real?

Good day my friends,

One thing that i cant rationalise at the start of my illness is this.

So my vice boss used to bully me a lot with derogatory comments etc and one day i muttered f you under breath quietly and softly so he wouldnt hear

At the end of my job at that time my co worker sat me down and asked me if i had something to say? I just replied that it was a privilege to work there

Anyway after ending the job i see him around everywhere in his car, and i thought he was following me because i did’nt say what he wanted to hear that day, which was probably an apology, in my mind my lack of apology was deserving of been persecuted

Can anybody decipher the meaning behind him following me? Or what is real

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You’re delusional and ascribing significance to things that are not significant. That’s the only meaning I can give you. Are you on medication? Seeing a doctor? Have you told your doctor about this?

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You are Italy?


You tend to build giant conspiracies around totally normal events.

I agree with @velociraptor, these are delusions and you need to tell a doctor.


What parts were not significant? Seeing a doctor, been in therapy for the past year

Yes its me.What was normal about him asking me if i had something to say?

This is the same as when you believed the IRA were following you. You’ll get the same answers.

It’s very unlikely anyo e is following you and more likely you see people a lot because you live in the same general areas.


Maybe he thought you had something to say or were acting oddly.


All of it to be honest.


Maybe you just noticed him driving more since you felt that he was offended by you not saying the correct thing. Don’t worry about it, I don’t think you are delusional just a bit paranoid.

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Hi Superdry,
One thing to remember is ‘‘being normal’’ is subjective. It’s just a consensus opinion.
And two posters mention different countries?
IRA —Ireland I guess
No connection there – unless your life is some surreal movie.
My feeling is – just take it easy and don’t worry.
If people don’t like you, – it’s their problem.
Take care and love the people who love you. Forget about the past.

I can’t say whether you are being stalked or not. I can say I am sorry that you are experiencing anxiety over the fear that you are being followed by someone.

I wish you the very best and I hop that it is just a delusion and you can get over that delusion. Take Care

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