What is psychosis like?

I haven’t ever been full blown psychotic so idk whats that like

It’s scary. Nothing feels safe.


Depends on whether it is a paranoid or grandiose kind of psychosis, or anything in between.

Grandiose, or otherwise positive, delusions make you feel better, even great. This is often associated with classic (euphoric) mania.

Paranoid psychosis feels scary, when you believe people (or aliens, etc.) are after you. This is more associated with a mixed mania/dysphoric state.

You can also have psychosis in the absence of a mood episode. There does not even have to be any obvious trigger, but eg. drugs or stress can be. There are different kinds of psychosis also in terms of diagnosis; schizophrenia is the most chronic, and comes with non-psychotic symptoms that are often worse than the psychosis itself.


My doctor suspects that I have sz :confused:

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