What is perfect for you and your loved ones

Perfect for me would be to sleep 12 hours or so, do my hobbies, exsercize, do some houschores everynow and then. Watch tv, eat, shop. Perfect for my dad would be for me to be married, working and supporting myself, maybe have children, cooking, taking care of house, car, expenses, health. For my mom she wants the house kept perfect, groceries, cooking, keeping everything clean including the dog.

I think if I could quit smoking and drinking coffee and use the money saved to get my own place deck it out with a new bed and furniture. Maybe a new tv. Gotta pay for health insurance.

That would be good for my family and me. If I were independent. My mom appreciates the 500$ a month I give her. She’ll be back to barely making ends meet when I move out. But she drives a really nice car lives in a gated community and drinks a lot of wine. Goes out a few times a week.

I’m pretty much ready to get back out on my own. That’s what’s next.

Perfect for both my ma and me would be I get over this social anxiety find a job and live like a normal person.Ive been staying at my ma’s place since I got layed off work and the layoff helped trigger my sz. Unfortunately todays economy isnt looking good for that.

You can overcome social anxieties, first you gotta accept yourself as a valid human being. Then you gotta get over the confident manor which everyone appears to carry themselves as. So you don’t feel different. Don’t be afraid of judgement, most people keep it to themselves and I think a lot of these people nowadays are taking to a non judgemental stance. I was very anxious a few years ago, that’s one of the things that this whole telepathy nonsense has helped me with.

You are what you are, people don’t really care. Be a good person and don’t be afraid. Silence is better than making noise that you can’t really get behind.

I don’t know man, it is a battle but it’s psychological.

Good luck man.

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The one time I got fired, I had a relapse. But actually it helped me leave a dead end job to find a better one. The company that fired me was closed within the year.

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right now… what’s perfect for everyone involved is me keeping on my meds, going to therapy, working on getting better.

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Waking up in the morning seems like the right answer today.

Perfect for me and my husband is if I can get out of bed in the morning and do house chores and take him out wherever he needs to go (he’s got epilepsy so he’s not allowed to drive alone). And all this without pulling a long face and wanting to cry from the gloom and hopelessness of life. Still got a long way to go!

Think of how many years you’ve already got under your belt. Let it motivate you. Your stronger then this illness already. May it’s grip on you be lesser every passing day. Your in charge, take flight, push yourself everyday and make sure to relax and reward yourself.

This illness is not easy, but you’ve still got a life to live and a loving husband.

I have faith in you. Be strong for us.

well, in a perfect world I guess it would be being free from all my vices. I stopped fighting going a couple of days and then smoking so now I am smoking cigs again. but no weed or alcohol. seems like I could try to stop smoking again in the future but for now I need a reason to get out of bed and that means having a cig in the morning to look forward to. I slept until 2 pm today and it was all because I knew I couldn’t have a cig. sorry to let you down @BryanAshley

It’s alright buddy, I think about quitting, but can feel I’m far from it. What’s really dissapointing is that I’ve realized I’ve been occasionally picked up the bass since high school. I could have a real hobby right now if I just stuck with it. Literally of my close friends play music I always feel like I’m missing out. Lesson for the future. I need an amp at least if I want to move forward with it.

you can pick up an inexpensive bass amp at musician’s friend dot com…good luck. I get all my gear and guitars on that site.

Thanks I’ll remember that. I’ve got a bass, it’s nothing special, but I like the color weight and form of it.

I played bass in the one of two bands I’ve ever been in. I played bass in a high school band because the band already had a lead guitarist that was really good and they needed a bass player for the talent show. lot of fun. I always regret that I “froze” on stage and just played the bass without hardly moving. someone unplugged the lead singer’s microphone so we didn’t win. my second band I was lead guitarist and it was a lot of fun.

I don’t really want to be in a band or play shows, I just want to make them funky sounds. Take the bass for a walk you know. I’d feel pretty happy if I could do that on the fly.

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I played my electronic drumsett today and had pretty good concentration.

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