What is paxil all about?

Does anybody know of it?

Yeah. It made me psychotic. I don’t do SSRIs. I take Wellbutrin and Latuda for negatives.

It might work for you though.

Been on Paxil seventeen years
Helps me
Make me think more positive and motivated

I hear paxil unlike the other SSRI’s makes decreases NGF, but people are all different. I’ve tried it, made me kind of loopy and wacky. Not my type of drug.

I have be on Paroxetine a few times, I think it is ok as long as things are not too bad.
It is a ssri antidepressant, it is similar to Prozac but with a shorter half-life and weaker.
Some people find it the least effective but the most tolerable.
It affects the 2D6 enzyme so it increases the amount of some antipsychotics in the blood, especially Risperidone.

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