What is online gaming

what is it…

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Single or multiplayer games online. Co-operative or versus.

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You play games on the internet together with other players. And yes can be team work or free for all. Or a mix.

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As stated above, think checkers or chess but on a television/monitor screen. Such things exist, even billiards and/or pool. Some of these can also be found on a modernized mobile phone, such as a tablet phone or an android phone. There are also word games, like scrabble. Or if you like statistics similar to what might be found on the back of baseball cards, there are fantasy sports leagues where a person such as you or myself can make a fantasy draft similar to the real life National Football League draft. Some websites even include actual professional player names and statistics. For example the video game FIFA 20 which is based on football (futbol) soccer, can have numerous statistics which are often updated such as, player ages, country of origin, height, weight, even speed, acceleration, ball handling also known as dribbling, among other notable achievements.

A simple way of explaining it, think board games with another person except on a digital table. There is beauty in simplicity, after all.

Sometimes, I admire the animal sounds in video games too. Like a tigress purr. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anything over the internet that involves playing with other people.

If you want to get into it think about buying a second hand, current generation console - a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. It’s the simplest way to experience gaming and once you’ve plugged it in to a TV you don’t have to do much else.
But do bare in mind that there will be a new generation starting at the beginning of next year (PlayStation 5 and Xbox SX) and most players will upgrade to the newest systems during that year. Hence why I suggest the second hand route.

Mobile gaming is possible, but its far from ideal. Its all about mirco transactions and costing you as much as possible. The input method of touch screens is also far from ideal. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you want to actual experience “gaming” as a whole.

I am addicted to it,recently because of being stranded in the Philippine,I play online games lesser.Its easier to be addicted to online games then single player as your trying to chase others for ranking or need to play in order to catch up other player

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