What is one vice you couldn’t overcome?

Now I am struggling with smoking and gaming,gaming is harder to overcome since I can use chantix for smoking…what is one vice you had that you wished to overcome but couldn’t?

eating preproccessed food…been a long time but I felt so down, I just went and got a tiny Cadbury choc piece

My vice is being indecisive. Makes me feel a lot more free than doing something, but I simply have to decide on the right things to do.

Sometimes its best just to jump in without worrying about the ‘right’ approach. Especially when you are dealing with things that have no physical threats. Nowadays its popular to watch a ton of YT videos if you want to learn art or enlightenment. Just jump in with the basics and start drawing or meditating! Direct practice is the best approach cos you’ll make mistakes and but you’ll also learn how to recover from those mistakes. That’s how the first practitioners learned…

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I do just have to jump in, thanks. Tomorrow morning I’ll start my life path.

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You ask what the “one” vice is? I’ll give you “one” list of vices. I keep trying to quit them, and I collect them faster then I can quit. Get rid of one and 3 takes it’s place. It’s so ridiculous. I have the most addictive personality ever. I’m addicted to addiction, jeeze-us. Sorry

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