What is one of your biggest problems

Plenty of hobbies to do at home. Reading, gaming, art, writing poetry/short stories, or maybe an online course?

I know it’s hard to try sometimes.

Your State should give you free housing if you have mental health issues. Crazy how so much money goes to the military in the USA.
Not fair.

Good Luck Loke. :slight_smile:

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right now its my overall health physically moreso than mentally…I am going to start working, walking every day, and taking a medication for weight loss. If this improves the situation thats good but if it induces psychosis Im gonna have to find more ways to combat that…

no problems !! I should feel lucky…

My daily migraines
My arthritis
My very poor hearing

Stress is my biggest killer

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Physical health problems. But waiting back on tests. It’s been driving me mad. I neglected it…for too long.

I always tell people that I have a personal policy that I never deviate from. And that is that I NEVER gift or loan money to anyone. EVER. Not even to family members. Everyone knows this about me and so no one ever dares to ask. And that’s the way I want it. I’ve had this personal policy all my life. It has served me very well.

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I get stuck on things, and go down rabbit holes frequently.

Also, I realize I’m bad at coddling others, and don’t sympathize with people who are sensitive. Makes it so it’s difficult to relate, but I am not harmed by it at all, so I don’t expect to change.

Not many problems right now. Got to take meds for sz, so there’s that. Also I’m bored a lot and its taking long term affect on me. Maybe it’s a negative symptom or side effect I don’t know. But aside from that I don’t really have any problems. Oh ya dick is broken too, forgot about that one.

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