What is more important for you?

  • Anti Depressant
  • Anti Psychotic

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I have never been depressed or anxious though.

Antidepressant make me depressed i always say to doctor that

my dad taught me to be strong but idk why i got mentally ill, even when i was ill i was never really that depressed from what i remember, i was suffering but i was just trying to get on with it, like i thought if i just remain hopeful i can get by,

i took AD’s in the early days but stopped them when i realised i didnt need them, maybe my AP was acting as an AD at that point anyway, my new med seems to help with everything with just a few side effects (not bad) I think i have always been hopeful and optimistic, maybe whats kept me going. even in my worst times.

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Bacon. Bacon is more important to me. But after that anti psychotic. I have depression but it is always related to my mental illness.


Before I had ECT 3x, it would have been AD.Now its AP. I was attempting suicide, serious attempts, monthly.

I was not a happy camper. Autocorrect changed that to camera lol

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i was put onto ap’s before i was even diagnosed . i was a loose canon

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I can handle episodes of mania.

I could never tolerate depression.


Antipsychotics, the depression goes away on its own, but psychosis needs AP’s. I think for schizoaffective depressive type anti depressants may be as important as antipsychotics but not so for regular schizophrenics

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I put antipsychotic,but would need antidepressant as I am not really motivated

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Without my ap I am almost dead tbh… I cant get up from my bed and my state becomes life threatening… Also, my pdoc was saying, that the Zyprexa has a bit of an antidepressant effect… I cant take ads also, cause they raise my paranoia and my somatic stuff…

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