What is Mind?: Excerpt of Note to My Mom

Now, I’ll give you an example of what I’m made of now. Take one instance of a thought of absolutely any kind or a sense as a glimpse or hit of sound. Any of these care fine. What is one on of these? First, it is you, and second, what are you? What is this graph of correlative profile information that is you? :thinking:

It’s information which objectively is always subject + predicate stated whether the info is true or false. You are therefore information and informationologically sound containing both fallacy and truth on that graphical emission from a brain.

When you can self analyze yourself this closely and accurately, you can discern what is and isn’t crazy about you where otherwise you cannot.

You can see that your world is your mind including the hormones of feeling signal info in there, and you can easily watch what is being like fauna and flora in wild nature.

Not everyone can, and they cannot see you who can so to speak as they have no way of discerning what they are mindologically nor the subsequent ability to discern what is and isn’t crazy in themselves or in their paradigmatic environment within mental graph.

A mind is like a drop which within is a world. We do not know we’re in one nor do we know we are one until we know the fundamental rule of logical informationoology which always is subject + predicate. With this inner sight you see everyone, and they are with or without this inner sight so to speak. I don’t mean crazy paranormal, sci fi, pseudo assumptions about nature.

We live in a world or paradigm of graph within a brain and organ consortium what lives in a realm or paradigm that is objective universe. We aren’t without being universe as we are what it can and is doing.

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@DMAdataANDmoodanalysis are you on meds?

Nah hes just being free minded the way God intended. Maybe a bit in over his head but aren’t we all?

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