What is it with aggressive men who watch anime?

I know four of them.

One is me. Another is one of my best friends who I workout with (he’s huge and I’m big) and another was a strongman competitor at a gym I went to, he had all the Inuyasha characters tattooed on his leg. Another is a friend of mine who is Korean and also loves working out. He’s in dental school now, he has an aggressive personality.

What the ■■■■ is going on?

Three dangerous ass men who workout and watch anime. The dental school friend isn’t dangerous.

We like anime, a lot. Particularly the giant robot ones with violence and well the other violent ones. No sailor moon crap.

What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?

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Er… I’m not that aggressive. Stubborn, you bet, but I’m not a screamer. Usually. Got through a challenging situation at work last night without telling someone he was an ass monkey. Oh, and? He was a flaming ass monkey. (Safety officer.)

I appreciate good art and good storytelling. Anime usually has both. Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass, etc. Got my daughter hooked on anime and it’s something we share now. That’s cool.



I watch anime and Im not aggresive (i dont think). Also it depends on the type of anime too i guess. If you watch ultra violent anime it might make some aggresive chemicals in the brain. Like when I watched samurai shows with lots of violence or even listen to aggresive music i tend to be more edgy. And lol idk many people who watch sailor moon, they do but still. Not that ur interested but less aggresive shows would be Space Dandy, Serial Experiments Lain, The Devil is a Part Timer. Those are still good but not violent. But i’ll agree the violent cartoons are more watchable from a guys perspective, like EVA or Mobile Suit Gundam and Ghost in the Shell. Im nerdy but athletic also, not body builder athletic but basketball and runner athletic. Also is Inuyasha good? Ive never seen it. Though nothing will top Ghost in the Shell for me. That movie made me think. Super mind ■■■■

I don’t know in what way they are aggressive or dangerous, but I think it’s not someone who likes anime that’s dangerous but aggressive ppl like aggressive/violent anime… that’s all…

Someone aggressive might like aggressive anime, someone girly might like the sailor moon.

I think it’s just a coincidence.

This girl I met loves Pikachu and Digimon :slight_smile:

Do you count hentai? :smiling_imp:


I have no judgements but do people watch that? I find watching hentai would take away all the awesomeness of normal shows in a way. Like cartoons and sex just don’t mix.

I know like three girls here who made it their lifestyle. Hentai clothes, hentai photos.
Few guys that I know watch it to laugh when they’re high.

[quote=“mortimermouse, post:1, topic:34680”]
What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?
[/quote]Just because you’re fit doesn’t make you dangerous. A dangerous person is someone trained in CQC or actual fighting - ground & stand-up. Bodybuilders are typically sissies compared to actual fighters.

If you’re aggressive, I’m assuming emotionally. Lots of emotion in anime, at least the few I have heard of. Long drawn-out drama that isn’t very excited & parodies masculinity. Cowboy Bebop was the only anime I’ve ever seen that was actually fun to watch; minus when I was a child and watched DBZ.

Uh dude I have three belts in Krav Maga and was an underground fighter in high school. I was in five unsanctioned MMA fights. I’m not a bodybuilder, I do functional strength training and cardio and boxing.

However after fighting I was a powerlifter for two years then a bodybuilder for one year.

I wouldn’t nessicarily call them dangerous because they work out.
If they are watching anime they are probably softer on the inside and probably still young minded doing the same things they were interested in as teens.
to put it simply; picture a kid playing video games as a kid than a teen but having to work and do all the normal day to day life, they’ll still want to game occasionally.

Now picture someone that grows up in a town with a population of -2,000 where most people are the same now picture that kid growing up around guns and certain types of people.
now picture that person growing up and moving to another town like it in a small area now picture how they see people who come in from the city and disrespect them.

all i’m saying is there’s a fine line between dangerous.
same as people who grow up on the street or around drugs.

Maybe because it isn’t done to death? Think about it. You watch a cop show. They follow the rules of cop shows. Same with horror movies and psychological thrillers on screen. There was actually a movie about it. I think it was called ‘The Cabin’ and it make up a story about why all the plots follow the same rules.

Anime is from a different culture we don’t understand therefore we don’t see things coming. Watching something like anime you have no idea what’s going to happen next because we don’t know (or at least I don’t know) the conventions. In the west Inyuasha’s brother would have become ok with the fact that his sword let him heal people but not kill them. I didn’t see all of the episodes but I think I saw a fair number. There were a ton though and adult swim kept replaying the same three or four so don’t quote me.

Also anime characters (and cartoon characters in general) can be profoundly touching in a way that real life actors can’t. Spike from Cowboy Bebop is Spike from Cowboy Bebop. You don’t see him in another series playing a chuckold husband or something. In a cartoon people and places can be reproduced in a way that’s impossible to do in real life even with CGI.

I think you want to see a world where you could go out and use your aggressive tendencies and be rewarded for doing so. You want to be the top predator? Well here’s a world where that’s possible and it actually looks like a nice place to live because you don’t see the squalid filth that an at war society would be portrayed with in real life. You just see a samurai with his sword next to a picturesque field and not all the sweat and dirt because he hasn’t gotten to bath in over a month on the road. You get imaginary worlds that look like somewhere you want to live and cultures that you want to participate in.

I think that the reason you found it in anime in particular is because all (or almost all) of the girls in my high school liked anime and guys seemed to like it too so it’s right around your age range. It just came into your life at a time (I’m guessing) that your aggressive tendencies started to mature, you mind liked what it saw, and it became your drug of choice (so to speak). Like if you let a kid eat candy for the first time and introduced them to predominately snickers bars. Snickers is good, it satisfies what the kid is craving, and it just becomes the preferred thing till the next big thing comes around.

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I don’t watch anime but I think it has something to do with the fact that animes are violence orientated and just nasty in general and it f***s people up

That is the reason I enjoy anime. The only unpredictable type of TV.

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