What is it like to be hypomania?

After a busy dsy of waitressing I find it hard to come down and be relaxed. My mind is not racing but I feel in between wanting to do something and do nothing.

You cant BE hypomania, you can be HYPOMANIC, i dont think anyone reaches a level of illness where they are the disease.

It feels awesome but then it cycles into mania and that is really uncomfortable and horrible.

I don’t think that hypomanic. I think that’s actually really normal post work buzz. It’s hard to unwind and relax after you’ve been interacting with a lot of people all day.

You have to psych yourself up to do it and you’re busy all day doing it then suddenly you’re alone or with your roommates or whatever and you’re not around all those people anymore.

I get it too and I’ve never been hypomanic.

You just need to build a routine for after work like having a time where you eat dinner, watch television, have a shower, go to be etc.

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I feel coffee gives me the “feeling” of hypomania. Every time I drink too much coffee. Like now!!! Notice the exclamation points!!