What is it called when you think you're foreseeing the future, even though not in fully delusional psychosis?

What is it called if you believe (or at least half-believe) that you can foresee your own future? I don’t mean in a normal way that everyone does; I have these frequent thoughts predicting highly-unlikely events that will occur in my life, despite zero evidence that they would ever happen. For example, at one point I was convinced that I was foreseeing myself getting shot in the head, but miraculously surviving the shot after briefly being clinically dead. Ridiculous scenario, but I could see every detail of how it was going to play out. I don’t think of it as truly delusional, since a small part of me knows I’m being ridiculous, but I very often find myself believing that I really am seeing the future, some sort of psychic.

I just don’t know what to call it, looking for input; can it really be called a delusion?

My brain comes up with all kinds of stuff that will never happen, I can go on over and over all day on the same thing, it’s like a loop, same thoughts over and over

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Yeah, I get that too, get stuck on something and can’t stop for the life of me. This is something that feels more weird to me, though. In that example I gave, when I would think my way through it, it was like I was feeling the sensations, like feeling cold to the point that I even had goosebumps.

That sounds pretty awful. I sometimes see things in the future too like how my cat will look when he is fully grown but nothing as frightening as my own death.

It sounds like it’s kind of like an intrusive thought.

being Clairvoyant

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Yeah, living in a ghetto doesn’t help with that, as far as the subject matter of my so-called visions. This is the kind of neighborhood where I long ago stopped flinching upon hearing gunshots; I’ve lived here three years now. Not exactly a healthy environment for an sz/sza.

You’re right, though; it can be downright intrusive, though it hasn’t been so much lately. Perhaps the meds are helping with that.

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I’m sorry you live in a situation where gunshots are a normal neighbourhood sound. That’s terrible. I really hope you stay safe.

I like your username by the way!

Thanks, it’s an old nickname

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I kinda think it would be a delusion. When in physcocis I have delusions that I eventually figure out our delusions. Even though I eventually figure it out at one point they seem pretty real. Do yours seem real at first?

If I’m full-on psychotic the delusions seem entirely real until meds start bringing me out of it. Even the giant holes in my delusional logic add up, and everything I can think of points to my delusions being true.

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Perhaps it’s just a weak delusion that I sometimes have, sort of a half-assed delusion you could say.

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So now you have them but know they’re not real? If so I’d say your meds are working. I still see all the things I could get paranoid about but I don’t. Kinda the same,its there but I don’t believe it.

Yeah, I am slowly getting better, thankfully. I was off antipsychotics for a year, big mistake, but the past few months I’ve been getting injectable Abilify, seems to be helping, just wish it would help more than it is. We’ll see what my dr does, but for now she’s taking a wait and see approach.

Sounds like you’re doing well ,time is a good healer and 2 months is not a lot of time. I would bet the wait and see plan is a good one. Do all the positive living decisions you can , give it a little time and let the meds work.

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I still believed I was Jesus until a month ago. That was a delusion. And I certainly wasn’t psychotic.