What is it called when someone disappears on a journey in search of something?

There’s a word I read a while ago when studying schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and other related mental illness and personality disorders.

It describes the phenomenon when someone who is suffering leaves on a journey or adventure of sorts, without much of a warning, looking for something - sex, drugs, connection, themselves, meaning, anything - they often go somewhere with a personal connection to their past. It’s an emotional trip.

Often the emotional experience goes untalked about. Or is blacked out from their mind.

There is a specific word that describes this. I believe it starts with a d.

Could you help me find the word?




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Ah yes, Disneyland, the magical world of sex, drugs, and the mentally ill.


Disneyland freaked me out.

Talking Dolls… :fearful:

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