What is going on here?

I wake up every morning at 3am, with adrenaline feeling like it’s burning through my limbs. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve put it down to mental health, some kind of insomnia, but I just don’t know… it’s been almost 6 weeks.

I discussed it with my gp, who thought it was mental heath related. I couldn’t take sleeping tablets because of my daughter possibly needing me. I have oxazepam but they don’t even take the edge off.

Could this be a physical issue?

Could it be a nightmare you’re not remembering? That’s a strange one

Well, I thought this could be it. Or general anxiety which I’ve had for years. But this has gone on for weeks now. I don’t really feel scared, I just have tons of energy. If I stay in bed it kind of hurts to be still? So I get up, pace about, clean, tidy, cook etc. Hmmmm

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You could try a strong antihistamine, they sometimes works better than sleeping pills because you don’t build up tolerance to the drug.

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This is an interesting and could be revealing article on it:

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How old is your daughter? When I first had my babies, I was waking up at every little noise fully awake because I was so nervous as a new parent. I had trouble getting back to sleep. For me, the problem went away as I got more used to being a parent.

Another possibility is a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea can cause you to wake up in a panic, because you stopped breathing while you were asleep. You don’t remember it, but your body panics and jolts you awake to jump start your breathing. In that case, a c-pap machine can do wonders.


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