What is difficult for you to bring up with your doctor?

Some of us have good relationships with our pdocs,

Others do not.

All of us have some part of our symptoms or a subject we don’t like to bring up.

What is that for you?

Should your pdoc know?

Why is it so difficult?


I honestly don’t like bringing up when I am messing with med dosage. Probably not a good thing on my part, as you should really inform doc about med changes. But I honestly don’t want the flak I know that I would get.

In all honesty, I would prefer that they know. I just don’t want to have to fight them on it, and knowing my pdoc, I would probably have to.

I have had some difficulty in bringing up my Erectile Dysfuntion. Last shrink was an indian woman that laughed it off - as if i was being edgy. Stupid cow. Thankfully there is such a high turnover of staff - that i probably wont see her again.

The GP was more understanding - and prescribed 3 Sildnafil a month if and when i need it.

The most difficult thing to talk about with my pdoc is sexual issues.


I hate talking about symptoms

Mine fluctuate and change many times in a day

Not one for getting hang ups on this or that distortion

If I talk about them they generally panic

Sometimes the content of my thoughts can go to some pretty dark places, but that doesn’t mean I am as affected as they might be from their perspective

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My Dr didn’t mind, he said I did a good thing when I reduced by 1mg on my own because I was choking in my sleep.

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My doc is female and I have a really difficult time bringing up my sexual dysfunction on my meds.

My instability. I often change my mind about things: what I’m going to study, what job I want to do, what meds I want to take, the things I purchase,… I try to not bother her with those things as they will naturally change by the next visit.

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Hello @Aziz,
If you’re waking frequently during the night, gasping to breathe, you might have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I think it’s actually quite common due to weight gain from the meds (or at least it was in my case).
A solution is to have a CPAP machine.

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Sorry - off topic.

Yea the Dr brought that up but the thing is that I was also choking during the day on fluids, food and my own saliva. The problem is completely gone now at night after reducing my AP and 90% gone during the day.

Ah, that’s good to know.

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I had difficulty bringing up the tactile hallucinations that were coming from the voices because they were of a sexual nature.

I was embarrassed by it. My pdoc didnt bat an eye about it though. So after that I was pretty comfortable to share.

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I think anything sexual is hard to talk about. I lived with Abilify induced hypersexuality for 8yrs until I brought it up to my pdoc. I was ashamed of talking about it.

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Yeah it just feels awkward and embarrassing lol

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When i bring up my stress reactions im only given awful meds, so i don’t feel like doing it anymore.

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I think all psych meds are awful honestly.

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I think the side effect of APs for this is called dysphagia.

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My Dr and NP don’t really want to discuss specific love making issues regarding my herpes. They just give a canned answer and dismiss it.

thought broadcasting.

haven’t brought it up ever. been dealing with it for three years or more.