What is depersonalisation

what is this…


Do you mean in psychiatry?

when a persons thoughts/ feelings seem unreal or do not feel like they are theirs.

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It’s the feeling that you are not personally involved in your current situation or that you are not personally present in your environment.

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I read this is my file… de personalization disorder

I don’t feel like I’m a participant in half the things around me

You may feel emotionally numb, or as if you are not controlling your own words and actions. When this happens.

Sometime I kinda feel like I’m Just here … floating around … auto pilot one could say

Do you ever have derealization? I have that but not depersonalization.

If you can decipher the word literally, then you would see that things are no longer personal to you. It is as if you live your life as other to you. Often, you would remember memories as though they were happening to you but you see them and yourself as separate to you, for example from above and seeing yourself as though you were someone else seeing the scenario including yourself.

I am just reading a book called ‘the body keeps the score’ and it describes how the limbic system in the brain can shut down as a defence mechanism so the individual’s personality can survive.

Dissociation, depersonalisation are on the same spectrum and are often a reaction to trauma. Trauma, even though may not be a current scenario has the pronounced effect of affecting the individual for decades to come, and depersonailsiation is when the body and brain has become confused and reacts from it. Trauma always leaves a mark, but the book so far has just described what it is, but i haven’t got to the solutions to it yet.

Can you explain the difference. Thanks.

I also wonder what is the difference between DID and depersonalisation or if they are the same thing.

Derealization is like when everything looks fake and surreal.

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Like when I feel live and everyone else looks robotic to me???


DID is when the mind has formed separate personalities and alters to cope with life. Sometimes they overlap, but mostly they are unaware of each other and so when a personality takes over the ‘main’ alter loses time. for example, losing minutes, hours, days or weeks unconscious, when in fact that person is living under anoother personality.

Deprsonalisation can lose time as well, but mostly it is an other wordly experience and not a definite separation of the personality where ‘someone’ else takes over. Depersonalisation is not as extreme as DID.

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I believe I have depersonalized due to the loss of one of my children… I can’t take anymore pain… my brain knows that, so my brain is is survival mode. The human body is ama zing

@labratmat, This is what I read about depersonalization. It just sounds like if u are not in control then…another thing must be??..eg. a separate personality? but then that sounds like DID to me??..I guess u explain it by saying that depersonalisation is an ‘other worldly experience’. What do u mean by that?

or maybe it’s still ur personaility in depersonalisation but like a more robotic version or something?

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People can live their whole life not really being present, in the moment and not in control. Can you imagine living your life not really grounded and felling all of the environment around you? Trauma often gives hyperfocus and hyper vigilance is what causes it. This hyperfocus makes the rest of the world blurry. It makes emotions unfeelable, and when they are feelable it is often avoided though drugs and alcohol. ( Ths is what the book I am reading informs me)

When you can live your life not connected to life. When it seems distant to the self and you can’t focus on it very well, if at all then it could be described as depersonalised, like in your example of feeling emotionally numb. You are in control, but it is as if it is not real. The main alter in DID has not control or awareness whatsoever most of the time, and when s/he returns is unaware of what has happened to him/herself, which you could describe as not having control.

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The difference between DID and depersonalization is

Depersonalization is the act of feeling like you aren’t in control of your body. When I have strong feelings of depersonalization many times it’s like an out of body experience. Auto pilot. Sometimes I just stare at my hands like??? What are these???

DID is a disorder where separate identities take over the body. Like for example I’m Noise I like video games and ramen, but with DID sometimes I end up being “A” and I’ll be a guy who loves parties and fashion and make up, or I’ll be “M” and think I’m a 10 year-old girl and love plushies, or I’ll be someone else entirely. And normally I have no recollection of what happened or who took over.

So that’s the difference for me I have DID and suffer from other dissociation.