What is criminal justice like in your country?

In America a criminal history can follow you for the rest of your life. For example: I have a drunk driving conviction that will be on my record for the rest of my life. It is impossible to remove it from my record according to an attorney I talked to. Even 17 years later.

I’ve heard other countries are a little different. Will criminal history follow you around for life in your country?

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'Merican here.

I have a misdemeanor for a rolling stop.

I had drank two beers and the lady cop that pulled me over I guess tried to teach me a lesson by writing me up for a silly traffic violation.

She was actually a college campus police officer, but I digress.

Went to traffic court, but she never showed so the case was basically dismissed.

…Defos learned my lesson.

I had the option of getting the misdemeanor expunged from my record, but then psychosis hit and I just never got around to it.

…Not my finest moment.

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Oh yeah… during my psychosis episodes I’ve pretty messed sh*t up. I have felony charges on my records. I’m American…

I live in Japan now, but planning to go back.

I’m not a fugitive or anything, but I wanna get my act together and give back to the society. Live a valuable and happy life. Even with my messed up life. :no_mouth:


I got done for DUI. was banned from the road for a year. The endorsement remained on my license for two years and it was removed, like it never happened!

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All fcuked up

No one cares too much about the law


I think my countries prison population is quite large compared to other countries or so I hear…



Things are a little more lenient here in Canada. I think my buddy was able to get his DUI removed from his license after a certain amount of time. You do go to prison now though

As far as I’m aware, there is no death penalty. The system is too lenient in some ways


You are right. In india criminal can win the election and become members of parliament. A lot of them.


Here in the America we use selectively racist laws that could only be used to target minorities and the under privledged

I grew up in a nice town with good family, money, etc.

Was arrested for .1 grams of shake weed at the bottom of the bag at 18 years old. Got my name In the newspaper. Got apart of the system. Got arrested 2 more times and mental hospitals ten times as a result most likely. Almost became a statistic myself.

So it’s not like wealthier people are exempt from getting arrested thru injustice

There’s injustices all over but it’s much more common for them to target minority’s

I can pull out some gnarly statistics

Like this is more an anecdote but

in 1978 into the 80s how more white people smoked crack than black people. But white people were more “associated” with cocaine powder while blacks were associated with the baking powder form. So they made the punishment for crack 20x more even tho it’s the same exact DRUG. But despite the fact that more white people smoked crack than black Americans . Crack arrests were almost exclusively in the black community. Ridiculous. I’m not justifying crack or cocaine but cmon it’s just ridiculousness.


I watched a documentary where one black guy went to jail for 10 years for a roach in his ashtray

No wonder the prison system is overloaded

Sorry to hear you had to go through all that ■■■■. Seems grotesquely unnecessary


Oddly I was never caught eventhough I drove many times drunk and high. But I knew when to not drive if I am too drunk or high, I let my friends drive my car or I leave my car in the parking lot and my friends drive me home in their car. Sometimes I called my brothers to pick me up.

But once I didnt even drink or get high and cops arrested me as they were sure that I was under the influence of drugs. I was unmedicated and psychotic, tried to kill myself by driving at 180-200kmh in a snowstorm and had an accident.


I agree, Canada law system is more lenient than the US.


I dont get drunk or high since I got sz as they make me worse.

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It will in Canada unless you are granted a pardon, in that case the item you are pardoned for is removed. Drunk driving is rarely ever removed.

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When we went to the US they asked us tons of questions and inspected the car I think because we were Syrian. They asked us why did we leave Syria to go live in Canada, why are we visiting the US, when was the last time we visited Syria, do we have family in Syria, do we have family in the US etc The questions never ended and they inspected the car, they also used dogs.

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Oh, I’m white as rice and I get that treatment every time I cross the border. Once they even partially disassembled the dashboard and left it that way. Apparently it’s your responsibility to put it back together. The car wasn’t driveable after until we found a way to hand turn screws in.


Maybe I was paranoid too as it was the start of my sz and I was unmedicated.

In the UK you have the rehabilitation of offenders act, where your convictions become spent

This means in theory that after 7 years, your record is clean

However, like with all these things, there is a catch

If you apply for anything (literally) that this would even be looked at, all of a sudden your whole record is open to the employer or whoever to see

I got my DBS check done, and it was 10 pages long. Even stupid stuff I did when I was really young was on there.

The problem is some of these crimes sound awful, but the description of the conviction does not give any context whatsoever

It’s really disheartening this is the case, as it will forever impede my ability to do certain things, despite me being a reasonable and compliant citizen for years now

This factored into my decision not to pursue a degree in Mental Health Nursing, as I was advised that every time I ever made a change, I’d have to go through the whole process of disclosure each time, and then it’s purely up to the person making a hire decision

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I once returned home from Canada with a 53 foot semi trailer filled with peet moss. They put the entire truck and trailer through an X-ray machine

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