What is common here?

I was called a ignorant old whore by a member. Members say there are glitches in accounts and when I post sometime I think there are glitches too. Another member said the glitches were because the moderator tip jar was empty. I feel very strange and people don’t like me. Is this common here?

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If someone name calls you flag the comment. All software has glitches. The moderators dont program the software. You may feel strange and that people dont like you becaus of schizophrenia. It is common for people here to feel that way.


You can not blame schizophrenia for every strange feeling you have. This person called me an old whore. That is not schizophrenia. Glitches happened because moderaters did not get paid and the post says so.

Who did? What was their username?

anon and a bunch of numbers. It happened today.

I’m sorry this happened to you.

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That sucks.

It looks like the user that called you that has been kicked off the forum though.

The mods had your back. The thread got unlisted

I am still uneasy. Glitches are not common on discourse. I was part of a starborn community on the same platform.

The mods look after this site well. It’s certainly one of the better parts of the internet.

Sorry that person was so rude to you.

They’re gone now.


Is this site for people with schizophrenia only?

Any person who has suffered psychosis I believe is the description

There is a family section for people with relatives with the illness too

The person who did this was permanently removed from the community. Any new accounts they create will also be removed. We’re sorry you had to experience this.

That was a joke - it was not meant to be taken seriously.


Hi, @dottielawless. A lot of people feel unliked, and while we can’t blame everything on sz, this is something that can be an sz problem and is definitely not uncommon on the forum. There have been many threads on this very topic. I think you’re fitting in well enough from what I’ve seen. Persevere, and I think you’ll see that this is a worthwhile, though imperfect, community.

Name calling is not typical or common here and it almost always gets flagged or removed and it’s usually punished by suspension for the name caller. Not everybody is going to like you, not everybody is going to dislike you either. There are a lot of members on this site and a lot of personalities, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel overlooked.

As most people who have been here awhile will tell you, it’s a pretty accepting site and as long as you aren’t rude or overly obnoxious people are going to accept you and not bother you. That person calling you that name was an exception rather than the rule. Since you’re new, I can see why it would bother you and make you wary of the site but the chances of it happening again are slim.


It’s pretty tacky to shame people about sex. I think they do it, because they want things on a lower level.

The mods here seem to do there jobs here I’ve been on some of them and they were littered with trolls

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This forum is closely managed by the mods

I find them to be extremely personable and fair.

They all have a mental illness and are one of us.

I’m sorry this happened to you @dottielawless but it’s pretty uncommon to experience name calling here on the forum