What is between sz and amfetamine psychosis

what your idea what is between them. i think i have amfetamine psychosis rather than sz, becouse i have recovered too fast from psychosis. about 7 months my live feels like it was back then. And i have used cannabis and it doesnt gave me any symptoms. i am on abilify maintena now. have been on invega and risperal. and i had auditory hallucinations and untrue perceptions of events.

There are drugs that are called entheogens that connect us to a spiritual world. Those voices you hear are from spirits they caused you to beleive untrue events because they are deceptive demons.

The difference lies in the amount of amphetemine. Taking a lot of amphetemine it could be amphetemine psychosis. Mine was considered schizophrenia because i only took the recomended dose of amphetemine. It took me an entire two years to finally accept i had schizophrenia. I stopped taking meds and would be good for only about five months and then i relapsed without amphetemine