What is being delusional like?

I want to hear experiences

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Google it. You will find many :blush:

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For example not taking your meds because you think they are poison.

Not trusting the doctors because you think they are against you.

And many more.


Go to “profile”,

Then “activity”.

Seriously, you’ve been there.

You could probably learn a lot from seeing your own ups and downs.

It’s like a mental health journal.

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Thinking someone is going to kill you when they aren’t going to kill you.

Referring to my doctor in this case.

I don’t think they’re real delusion

Where you think your mum is going to kill you.

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I thought that’s just paranoia

No matter what we point out,

You’re going to have a dumb excuse.

So it’s pointless.

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Not an excuse. 51

Not all delusions are sad or fearful. For example sometimes person might think the whole world is trying to help him.

Paranoid delusion.

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Ok i get it now

Another example, person might think persons are going to rig the lotto for him to win. Some delusions can make you feel really happy.

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Great comment, love the expressions within it.

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Crystal…some of these people may not remember back before you were on any medications, but I do. You had delusions that demons were after you and the tv was sending you messages from God. Let’s not pretend that you have never been there.

Maybe you’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. Even if you don’t consider your paranoia about your mother killing you a delusion, prior to meds you were just like many of us have been.


I think delusions are a combination of things phobia sometimes, making wrong connections, inability to assess probabilities possibilities and plausibilities, hieghtened sense of self importance, reality in the mind instead of in the world, feelings of persecution or people dont like you, inability to interpret things correctly and much more. I dont think a delusion is just one thing its a combo imo.

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The frustration you have when something you are 100% sure of is something everyone denies or makes zero logical sense. The worst feeling is when you realize it is wrong and think of all the stupid things you did as a result.

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Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you