What is bad about having schizotypal personality disorder

is it not just bad social anxiety coupled with crazy beliefs/thinking…what is bad about having this disorder

I dont think beliefs make anyone bad. Social anxiety is a struggle though.

delusions are beliefs and while they dont make anyone bad theyre a struggle to deal with

ive just been trying to understand this personality disorder…i know schizoid personality disorder, individuals are said to be cold and detached but with schizotypal it does not say that…im just trying to understnd these illnesses…if anyone can enlighten me then thanks in advance

I have been diagnosed originally with schizoid PD, later schizotypal and later with schizophrenia.
With schizoid diagnosis got tiny temp meds that did not help. With schizotypal diagnosis got more meds that still left me unstable. With schizophrenia diagnosis got enough meds to help me.
If the doctor under diagnoses a person, they will not treat them effectively.

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