What is Above Average?

Hi. There’s just 4 hours left of 2013 here in New Zealand, and I am watching music videos on TV.

With all the music videos I’m watching now, my voice started talking about what is “average” for a person’s looks and what is “above average”. I’ve sort of been disagreeing with him with his choices for who is above average.

ANYWAYS… what in your opinion are the key elements of a person who is considered ABOVE AVERAGE in looks?

For me, it’s someone who has something special, or perhaps a bit of a ‘wow’ factor. The wow factor need not be huge. It seems to me most people out there would be average.


I find uniqueness to be the most attractive part of someone. Maybe a feature they have that most don’t. Or the way they dress. What types of clothes they wear. Tattoos and piercings. Things like that. That’s just me though lol

I pay so little attention to physical so I’m not even sure what I would consider to be above average. I think we are all average with something special in each of us. Seldom would I look at someone and think wow they got it all. My husband becomes more handsome to me as time goes by. He thinks I’m adorable, I think I’m average. I think my kids are beautiful.

As for celebrities. I love Julie Robert’s smile. Patrick Swayze was always my favorite. Belle from Twilight has always had my heart regardless of how many people dislike her. What attracts one person will not attract another.

Happy New Year in New Zealand!

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I briefly dated a girl about 4 years ago who my brothers said was amazing looking. I admit, I was attracted to how WOW she looked. But the brief dating came from the fact that she was not a nice person in any way, alway said horrid things about people… and in my opinion did as much as she could… positive or negative… to draw as much attention to herself as possible. Even just getting a sandwich entailed a LOT of drama. I didn’t have the energy. By the time we were both ready to be rid of each other, I didn’t find her pretty at all.

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She must be a vegetarian artist.

Looks matter some, but not much.

And she can’t want children.

That is all that i require.

Oh, and she’ll have to be able to put up with me also.

I just like faces that look good and bodies that look healthy. I think symmetry and proportions make faces attractive. Oh and hair. I find certain hairstyles really attractive, hair is important to me in terms of someone being attractive. I also like nice legs, not sticks.

i kind heart is the most beautiful quality.
take care

I agree. A kind heart and a good personality can overcome many physical defects.

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I think a beard makes a man attractive and stand out as an individual.

I stayed up awake lying in bed wondering if i was bisexual for like 30mins. I decided that I wasnt…