What is a random fact about you that would surprise people

That you would be comfortable sharing. Mine is that I was on Korean tv one time when I was young.


I can juggle. I learned from a friend who went to clown camp.


That I’m kind hearted in spite of my face which is like a criminal,


That’s awesome. I learned to juggle in college for my degree. I wasn’t very good at it.

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I got kicked out of university and college.


The first time I went snowboarding I only went down 1 run and fell about every 15 feet. I’m lucky I rented a helmet.


That stinks. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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I’ve made not one but two half court shots in basketball games. haha I couldn’t think of anything else.


That’s awesome!!! I have never been snowboarding before.

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That’s so awesome @Lifer

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If you ever go you definitely should invest in snowboarding lessons.

That sounds frightening to me. I probably wouldn’t be good at it.

I don’t know if it would be a surprise to those who know me, but I’ve read the three first ‘Clan of the cavebear’ books at least five times, and in three different languages.

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You are so talented. I am not good at languages. I know a little Spanish and Latin.

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I once had both hands broken at the same time, from two different incidents.

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Yikes that is painful. Weird coincidence.


I was pretty reckless back then. It was my own fault.

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I’m not rich. My father was born rich and he taught a rich man’s ways in spite of the fact that his family lost all their money. So, I’m mistaken for someone rich a lot because of my mannerisms. A lot of gold diggers got disappointed. lol


Oh no!!! No one thinks I’m rich. I’m just a dumpy middle aged housewife. :rofl:

Ha I deserved it. I was definitely a rebel back then. My grades good. My attitude bad.