What is a psych evaluation like?

(Note: I wrote this on my phone and it’s currently pretty late at night where I am. I will be replying when I’m awake and able to reply.)

Recently, I found out that I am going to be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. While I’m a bit nervous about it, it makes me happy that the mental turmoil that I’ve been going through will finally have names and we will find out how to treat them. However, there are some things that have been on my mind when it comes to this appointment.

I haven’t been through a psychiatric evaluation like this for quite some time now. Thanks to my possible depersonalization disorder, my memory is absolutely horrible and I have no recollection of how an appointment like this will go. I’ve heard that I will be staying somewhere for about four to five hours while people may observe my behavior and/or ask me questions.

Can someone explain to me about what will/may happen during this period of time? Anything you tell me will be acknowledged and helpful for me. But for now, I am going to bed. Thank you!

From mine I remember 3 items told to me, then asked to recall them 10 minutes later, 6 years later with the same pdoc, I recalled them before he has able to tell me them again-he thought it funny…I can still recall them today-it’s been 19 years now.
Maybe it’s changed from my visits, but they wanted to know how orientated I was, time, day, place…and I could never really do the math subtractions well anyway…


first time it was just a shrink…at 26
at 46…i saw a shrink and a clinical psychologist…together…
you talk…they listen… :smiley:
then they diagnose you…pretty harmless.
take care :alien:


Thank you for telling me, @Csummers and @darksith! I really appreciate hearing this. :slight_smile:

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When I put myself into the psyche ward for the first time, I was so happy that they found something wrong with me and that there was a medication that would help alleviate my symptoms. Although as soon as I got out I went right back to doing street drugs again. It was the quickest fix I knew of.

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Thank you for telling me about your experience with getting diagnosed. I’m sorry about you going back to doing street drugs, though.

Yes me too, so unfortunately I didn’t realize how well the medications really worked until years and years later upon quitting the drugs and just relying on the meds alone. I had suffered needlessly at work all those years.

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A psychiatrist asked me questions. They want to see if you are a danger to yourself or others, do you hallucinate, what is your history, what are your social problems, do you have negative symptoms, what is your family like. They ask mostly leading questions. They want to be able to give you the correct diagnosis. They will have to decide what medication to put you on and if you need hospitalization.

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