What is a personality disorder

what is a personality disorder…im confused…i googled it but am further confused as i dont understand why schziophrenia and bi-polar are not regearded as personality disorders

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Schizophrenia is very much a neurological brain disease, to put it simple.

Personality disorders are more psychological, you suffer often from a personality disorder cause of traumas in you childhood.

You can see schizophrenia in a brain scan.
You cant see a personality disorder in a brain scan.

Very short version of the differences.


Psychiatric disorders like schiz and bipolar are biological where as personality disorders are psychological please correct me if im wrong

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Genetics of Personality Disorders


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I think I fall on the personality disorder spectrum quite often. It’s not like I just have neurological disorder, my personality has been affected greatly.

when i first consulted my pdoc many years back i asked him what is my diagnosis he said i have personality disorder.

after a couple of weeks on my 2nd appointment with him i asked him what is a personality disorder, what kind of disease is that? he said i have schizophrenia.

I answered in your other thread:

Nice question. Personality disorders are deeper in the brain and are more difficult to treat but they don’t cause disability like schizophrenia. Sometimes they are just a way of living. Schizophrenia can suppress/handicap your personality but it doesn’t change your personality.
I studied 4 classes about psychology in university.

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Hating the mothercker upstairs for being a manipulative bitc.

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I was re-diagnosed with mixed personality disorder, my pdoc at the time said he thought it was the underlying cause but i don’t agree. he didn’t explain it very well

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Mental health conditions with symptoms such as anxiety, low mood, panic attacks, phobias; eating disorders; bipolar affective disorders; obsessive compulsive disorders; personality disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder, and some self-harming behaviour.

It’s not as disabling as schizophrenia, but can still be regarded as a disability.

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